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Spring versus Summer Writing – 2023

My mindset is shifting to a place I have been subconsciously awaiting. The images are from spring and the text is free writing that I did today as I read this people pleaser poem. This can be read without having to use a specific order. I think you will note a difference in my voice, too.

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I Am Not a People Pleaser

Right away, I recognize ways that I once contributed to my own chaos. That thing called boundaries.

Self-love or maybe self-worth might have helped me not say yes to sexual encounters even though I wanted to say no. What the hell was/is my concept of love?

It’s not like I have never sampled success pushing myself to exceed my own expectations. But –

social acceptance – friendships – love

for these things…

for these things I used to set aside..

well, ME.

Used to. Self. Deplete.

I quite often feel as though I don’t belong anywhere.

No matter what I have done or what good I bring with me.

The things I once did are no longer what I do.

Now.. now.. that girl.. Me.. I value.

Sometimes what I write is far from subliminal it’s just that I have the … guts to write deep and raw.

Finding myself has been the most freeing gift.

Daily I am affirming myself.

Daily I make a series of choices.

Daily I block out a series of voices.

Not the kind that I’m sure people incorrectly assume about me,

I’ve said enough.

No more over-explaining,

move along, let me be.

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