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Under where?

Useless Upbeat Unicorn equipped with  

Utterances of Unity hoping that

Underneath side eyes of Underprivileged dreams there’d be an

Unearthing of majestic marvels

Uplifted with Unbiased thoughts.

Intimate Conversations Underneath the Stars

Show me an unbiased human and I will call you delusional.

As I, too can imitate faulty leadership just enough to make a change or two.

Short-lived progress would be if another human does a thing (or two) just to prove a point.

Pointing out the errors around me but turning a blind eye to the ones in my reflection.

Deflecting deserves no respect.

And I stand on the shit that I say. On most days.

The Spoken Word Video That Shocked Even Me

Spring of 2022. I recorded “Resiliency” when I was staying in a hotel with my kids and our chihuahua. Fortunately, it was not so much due to financial strain, but a necessity for safety and space to gain clarity. A seemingly quick and much appreciated solution that helped me to learn so much about myself. And my patterns with that love thing.

***No content on my personal blog is recommended for minors or audiences sensitive to triggering topics.

“Resiliency” ✨ (written lines below)

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I’m writing my way into my destiny, keeping an open mind and an open heart while affirming that it will be amazing and peaceful.

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