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My story is a safe haven for me. Writing has been the most effective tool during my healing journey. It not only keeps me alive but it will lead me into my destiny. Poetry has such soothing elements, and I am excited to welcome my next phase of life through it.

Safe Haven in a Story – Poetry Helps Me to Heal

And if I should write my life story,

Who would read or avoid it?

I’ve got more pep in my step now

I’ve got two sons and a daughter now

I’ve got ideas and plans of how

I’d like to complete a thing or two.

After years of loving myself less than all the who’s

Who crossed my path I affirm what

Is not my assignment

On this path to alignment

I resign this

Impulsive urge to sacrifice my own happiness.

What a long stretch of self-sabotage,

Willing to do anything for anyone,

Boundaries? I had none.

Not a clue

What to do

Or how to detach from

You this that you them –


And if I should write my life story,

Who would read or avoid it?

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No longer do I ignore the things I did to fill a void

It –

Is actually pretty freeing, the mindset I have today –

Of course I get a little lonely

But God willing there will come a day

When I am no longer tempted

To act out of trauma

Anger management is still a must

Along with many moments of reset.


If I should stay

In my little bubble

Of a safe place

It eliminates the internal race

I leap into in an effort to keep up with anyone else’s pace

It’s a safe haven.

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Thank you for reading.

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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My latest poetry collection is entitled The Girl is Awake. Since self publishing this project, I have started preparing my next poetry publication in which I am very excited to release. I am thankful for those who have supported me and followed my journey. I always welcome feedback as writing will forever be a part of my life and keep me balanced in the good ole fight.

Healing through poetry and creative writing. My story has purpose and is a safe haven.

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