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I am usually stubborn. But always resilient. I wrote this poem in 2022 while reading works of Maya Angelou.

I read that book and held it tight,

For through it she spoke to me that night.

Stories told need not be dark to be effective.

How could words describe the freedom

As my eyes danced along the pages,

opened book
Photo by Sumit Mathur on Pexels.com

A rainbow of wisdom, indeed –

Each word, each page

With a lesson in which to take heed.

This moment, this feeling

I, too am in a cloud –

Filled with love and hope and gratitude.

I, too, want to exude

Greatness that is seen and recognized,

My heart it flutters

When I think or utter…

When I manifest my purpose coming into fruition,

My distortions rectified

My life experiences to guide me

A clearer cognition

My faith strong inside me

To become the 2022 definition

Of resilience, you see-

Do you see? I see. I see me.

*I dreamt quite often that I would be get the change to be in the same room as the late great Dr. Maya Angelou. She was a professor in my home town, but in way I do share a form of a space with her as I read her works and hear her voice.

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