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executive functioning & emotional regulation

DNA & how I grew up

opened book
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neurosis & psychosis

impulse & failure

ambition & onset

event & episode 

calm & explode

I can & I can’t 

love & hate

overcoming & funneling

connectivity & fight or flight

boundaries & TALK TO ME

burning candles on a wooden lever
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If you enjoyed this poem, please check out “Rejection Spirals & The Beautiful Moon” and “I Can See You Better With My Legs Closed.”

I have been arming myself with knowledge and information about ADHD and borderline personality disorder, taking in the things that directly pertain to me. I will always strive to end stigma. “Rejection Spirals & The Beautiful Moon” is a powerful post, and I really had to give myself a hat on the back for added vulnerability.


I wrote the poem “I Can See You Better With My Legs Closed” because I struggle with boundaries in many areas of my life. Love and intimacy are not exempt from this challenge. https://jusjesspoetry.org/2023/06/20/better-with-my-legs-closed/

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