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You’re enough when your therapist is unable to answer your call.

You’re enough when no one notices your growth.

You’re enough -enough to step into a room, just as yourself

without carrying a rehearsed list of reasons why you’re enough.

You’re enough without convincing anyone.

You’re enough when you are alone.

My continued efforts to normalize having those difficult conversations with children. https://jusjesspoetry.org/2023/06/15/i-was-wrong-i-apologize-realness-that-kids-deserve/

You’re enough when emotion regulation tools don’t come to mind.

You’re enough as you seek the root of why you are healing.

You’re enough when you are misunderstood.

You’re enough when you don’t feel good

enough to fit into favorable perceptions of you. 

You’re enough without others telling you so.

You’re enough to continue to enjoy life and grow.

You’re enough.

You’re enough. And when someone does say this to you, one thing I ask:

Believe it.

You are enough.

I had a conversation last night and was told that I am enough. I give myself these reminders so that when I am told this I can fully accept that affirmation. We must be kind and patient with ourselves. I hope that this resonated.

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Below is a link to the website of the National Crisis Line, which to reach them you can call or text 988.

(This image serves as a link that will take you to the website for National Crisis Line)

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