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Unbalanced footsteps

Eggshells crack 

Trusting strangers in passing without trusting myself.

Sometimes people feel like home – until I am startled awake from the terrors brought to me through their energy.

Blank stares when I overshare – it’s okay let me get it out.

The magnitude of the grief of my past superficial pleasures – 

Value in moments of solitude and celibacy.

Stability, although fairly new

No longer seems boring

Maybe I have always been yearning for it.

People I shouldn’t have given myself to: many

Places I shouldn’t have gone: plenty

Things I did to hurt myself: a ton


Overdraft to the max, relax I’ll be fine. Are you okay now?


Now I am a doormat – no boundaries

What’s your love language? I’ll shape-shift to meet it

Don’t worry your pretty little head I am used to feeling empty

Don’t worry your masculine misogyny – I am used to folding

Nomad tendencies – this is home now

Aesthetics – look at it

Price – no worries

Location – wherever you want to be

No, don’t worry about me. I’ll find a way to make you happy.

Thank you for viewing. I have done a lot to my blog and find tuned my writing goals. Now the blog feels more like home.

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