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“I Decided”

I regularly have to accept that my creative quirks and ambitions won’t always be well received. Oftentimes they are misinterpreted, but as writers and creative beings we value individual interpretations. However, as a chronic over thinker, I like opportunities to share what my writing means to me. Anywho, I have many more things that I want to share here, and I aim to blog a ton more. Thank you for viewing.

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Read my storm poem in a new tab: https://jusjesspoetry.org/2023/07/05/jusjess-storm-poem/

3 responses to “I Decided – I’m Only Going in One Direction”

  1. Your voice, made for verbal poetry and story. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts.

    1. Thank you so very much! I look forward to staying present in the moments, and sharif much more of my voice with the world.

      1. I am glad Jusjess. We need strong and honest voices. Too many negative and hateful people. We must seek some sort of peace in our messy world.

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