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When the day is tumultuous and my neurodivergent mind can’t seem to grasp itself in the functional kind of way, I just hold on to gratitude which grounds me. Many things I could stress about, and oftentimes I do, but after the meltdown I must be thankful for each moment that I get to reset.

I have so many amazing things that I want to share with readers who follow my content, no matter the platform. I am working harder than ever at this.

I find myself teetering with that all too frequent questioning … of myself as it pertains to those I know and interact with, or try to interact with. And during the times when I cannot seem to get out of my head, I know that it’s time to rest, unplug, eat, hydrate, and go to bed.

I just stand firm that I am far from finished and that my voice will reach who it needs to for the reasons that it needs to. Wellness, motherhood, staying balanced, planning ahead mindfully… the list goes on, but the thing I must remind myself of is:

God willing, there is time.

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