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Dear Black Families,

We are not crazy, many of us are neurodivergent,

Not reaching for handouts but 

Trying to embrace new therapy tools but

Met with resistance while

Digging up our own skeletons

Playing hide and go get it,

Playing doctor playing house –

Normalizing the need to be strong

Putting a thin layer of soil 

Atop a lumpy rug

Closets holding the burdens of our ancestors

They were they ARE they will ALWAYS be powerful.

Confusion accompanies conformity

Ancestral roots of greatness

We must measure up.

Chin up

Chest out

We are fighting a war

We are still fighting a war

A different war.

Don’t complain

Speak your truth but not too much

Be careful.

Taboo trauma topics 

No excuse to be an embarrassment.

Cast aside evolution but

You once marched 

Demanding revolution.

Dear Black Families, 

We need a resolution.

I would like to share a really important part of my journey. This post was made after “Resolution” was created.

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