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This is the part when I enjoy my life,

It seems as if a coin was flipped.

This is the part when I take over the script.

The moment that my narrative is not 

In the hands of anyone else,

Not filled with proclamations 

To narcissism,

No longer defined by any

Definition synonymous 

To unwell. 

No longer bound to my bullsh*t

Cuz ya know, enough is enough.

This is.. well it WAS kinda tough. 

This is the part where the dust has settled 

And it’ll only blind me again 

If I allow it to.

The part where my happiness is 

Depicted by me,

No longer depreciated by any form of “you’s”

The part where I blossom again

The part where I fill joy being 

Within my skin. 

This is….

Visual/audio of “This is..” below

“This is..”
***audio recording & visual effects made using the app CapCut

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