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“An Ode to the Narcissist”

Oh narcissist,

I hate you because I cannot hate you.

No contact I retract 

For  it’s true-

I’m kinda like a reflection of you.

Narcissist walk 

Narcissist talk

The mask, 

When is it on again?

Because maybe just maybe

The empathy in me,

Very childlike,

Maybe what I see in you is familiar.

Cluster B personality


Cliche, my love has no borders

What is a boundary 

To a mind that bends at the will of others?

Raised by,

Loved by.

I chase –


What a way you have with words

And your ability to paint a picture.

Damn I wish I was that good.

I pull out a scale –

Perhaps I can measure 

Which battles to pick and choose.

For if I am an empath

And you are you,

If I be BPD 

And you – be you

Then what else can I do?

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2 responses to ““Collateral Damage” and “An Ode to the Narcissist“”

  1. Simply outstanding piece of work

    1. Thank you thank you. Transparent truths that go unseen while healing! ✨ ❤️‍🩹

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