What Would it Mean to Touch the Sun?

What would it mean to touch the sun?

Silly me and my vivid dreams.

Create the life you desire.

Don’t get too close to the fire.

Create the safe haven you have always been seeking.

Silly girl, you won’t find it in other people.

Safety net

Safe place




Guilt trip.


Revealing the ugly sides of self, too.

Silly girl, healing doesn’t guarantee that anyone will understand you.

Internal growth isn’t for show or acceptance

It’s for peace

Self love,

Connection with God above.

What would it mean to touch the sun?

Would I combust into pieces

And then dissipate into nothingness?

Wouldn’t that sting at first

But then lead to eternal bliss?

Is the sun the gateway to freedom?

I don’t want to open one more door

That could lead to disappointment

But what enjoyment comes

From living a life in solitude?

2 responses to “What Would it Mean to Touch the Sun?”

  1. That part of not finding what you desire in others. Preach

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    1. Thank you for reading. Tough step but necessary ✨

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