Buy me? But Reciprocity is Free!

I despise the very intentional moments

Gaslit promises

Empty vessels 

Bringing forth life 

To pass 

Down trauma.

Oh, you think you can buy me?

Well that’s a shame,

Reciprocity is free.

Tisk tisk,

Nice watch on your wrist

But we are all running out of time


Even if it’s brand new

On acres of land

I’ll lace up my shoes 

I’ll hop a flight

I won’t stay in a chaotic home 

One more night.

I don’t require money

I don’t wear much jewelry

But what about reciprocity?

Manipulate the masks you wear

For surely they all fall off anyway.

I can’t blame you for

The naivety in me 

Allowed you to pounce 

On my vulnerability.

Crazy how those teenage wounds 

Still clung to us.

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