I am always my authentic self in my works, but admittedly if it isn’t well received I find myself doing that dance with self doubt. I love the positive feedback that I receive from the transparency that is displayed along my journey through my writing, but I need not let that be a determining factor for validity. Here is my poem “Identity.”

While some of society throws their bibles at the misunderstood

(is it funny?)

Mix in “Some of this and some of that”

I can’t stop studying!


My quest for knowledge has been centered around helping and understanding others.

Noble causes


But one missed clause is –


Psychosocial development

(why does she share so much?)


Either she could no longer be here and OTHERS can tell her story


She could be here to tell it herself.

She stands on her vulnerability 

Ten toes down rather than facing up

Nature walks on the soil 

Rather than being one with it

Dissociation, splitting

Protective mode


Snap out of it, zoning out

(She’s so weird)

Identity confusion

The fine line between brilliance and insanity.

While society throws their bibles at the misunderstood

There may have been pieces of herself in which she lacked but what she does have 


It’s okay. She’s fine. Are you?

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