Metaphoric Dream State

I’ll be among those who admit:

“So many times I tried to ignore it.”

That voice, that intuition,

That spiritual guidance that reminds us of our missions.

But in my dream, I saw a raven.

Was it similar to Poe’s grief, the underlying message?

Or, for me, was it a symbol of rebirth?

For in my dream a dark ship sailed,

It bobbed up and down in the ocean

As if it were no bigger than a child’s ball in a bathtub.

Feelings of defeat began to surface.

Was I worth this?

For surely a deep sense of loss has overcome me

Hanging like a dark cloud I almost wish would engulf me.

Surely a sense of loneliness comes quite often.

Water is healing,

Truth is often hidden,

But life eventually does the revealing.

The raven was carved into the bow of the ship.

This bird was its guide

And sure I thought the ship would plummet 

Into the dark waters of that night,


Suddenly there was a light.


The eyes

Of the raven


As it provided guiding light,

A sense of bravery overcame me as I slept.

Tears of joy, tears of gratitude. 


I woke up, saw my sleeping baby, 

Thanked God, 

And went back to sleep.

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