For the moments that cannot be summarized quite right

Isn’t that something…

There is a point in life in which we realize that the journey isn’t always smooth,

It may seem as though bleakness is destined,

We may search for ways to soothe and compensate for what we feel is lacking,

Entering stages in which comparison blinds us.


For what is work without sacrifice,

How can we recognize light if we know not the dark?


Exquisite ventures, endeavors contemplated,

But if not put into action, they remain dreams,

Thus stagnated

Memories of things we wanted to do,

Engulfed in fantasy, losing sight of you.



If you listen to your heart,

Focus on your vision,

Take in the moments,

Allow your growth to glisten


Dimming not the fire,

But knowing when to apply it.

Enlist in the right fights

Take in the lessons of the sleepless nights


Don’t let the door to your passions come off the hinge

But if anything –

Allow elevation, faith and belief in self be the thing to infringe.

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