They didn’t say-

They didn’t say that healing journeys were such a task,

That the very things I have always lacked: CONSISTENCY, DISCIPLINE, AWARENESS, and even ACCOUNTABILITY-

Are required. They didn’t say

That at times I would question why I chose to do the hard work the uncomfortable internal work

They didn’t say that tests would keep coming my way.

They didn’t say that I would view life and all people in mine through a different lens,

A new set of eyes,

Albeit another childlike perception.

That the waves of gratitude

The wonderful moments with my children

Survivor mentality less a victim …

The newfound confidence and self love

The heightened self esteem…

They didn’t say that while these things are wonderful,

That the journey of letting go of past hurts and old versions of self…

They didn’t say that releasing comfort zones in patterns … that this part would hurt a little too

They didn’t mention the task of finding YOU again

Finding ME

Digging deep, learning how to stand firm in healthy boundaries,

Although they didn’t say many things

And this isn’t all glamour and nature walks and prayer and meditation…

I am grateful for where I am in this journey.

But, yea-

They didn’t say….

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