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“Don’t go to school telling our business, a house divided will not stand.”

“Forgiveness is a must, no matter where he laid his hand.”

“You have a name that sounds white,

You’ll get a good job.”

 “I wanna blonde hair, blue-eyed doctor.”

Generations of struggle and survival mode acknowledged.

Be proud of the heightened levels of awareness and knowledge.

Let us not shame those who have discovered the tools, but also – 

 Why outcast those who speak their truths?

 It’s like –

“Do what you need to do to heal and be free, but not if it exposes me.”

Taboo topics taint generations and prevent healing when you pick and choose what’s worth revealing.


Darkness and light. 

My purpose –

To write. 

My existence isn’t to appease. 

To duck and dodge truths.

 I won’t plant those seeds into the minds of the youth in THIS house, because THIS one is a safe place. 

What’s done in the dark comes to the light. 

Well, well. You didn’t want me to notice – 


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