Thanks to all who have joined me on my journey

I want to thank those who have joined me and inspired me along my journey. As I venture and explore and build a community of eccentric writers and poets, I find that it is important to display some facets of vulnerability.

“All my life I had to write” has been embedding into my mind lately, as writing has quite honestly saved my life.

Many of us do this out of pure passion, not minding any aspects of the “starving artist” stigma. I am a stickler for the nomad mentality and the concepts of leading a fulfilling and free life.

I am not only a writer, poet, mother, veteran, mental health advocate, I am a human (in which I admittedly do not like being).

I aim to tune into the great works and voices of many other wonderful humans. I have given my blog a new look, and I began a more focused and centered regimen to have my voice heard as well. This means more dedication and interaction across various platforms. You will see that I have shared some poetry videos here on my blog, and as I build up my level of savvy in the realm of technology, I will persevere.

So, in short (perhaps), thanks for viewing this and my other posts, thanks for checking out my blog. I will keep writing and editing and even if you do not use other platforms, I aim to share more resonating pieces here more often. I have been writing since elementary school, and I must say that decades of growth now shine through in my works.

I have so much more to give to this world. Through writing.

Be well. Be happy. Be free. Be YOU.

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