All my life I had to fight, no

But all my life I had to write.

Clever classy clumsy

Dummy dumb me

Empathy leading me 


Girl Boy human bod-y 

Hot trotting hungover need a hot-tottie

Is this ever going to stop


Keyboard click the pen it glides 

Lies living in fantasy the spreading of thighs

Money rules the the world I hate money I gave out so much money

Numb me – I don’t want to feel but

Oppression isn’t the wave, we all must heal 

Please let me appeal my life sentence cuz damn 

Quivering shivering 

Regrets as still images are burned in the back of my eyes, paralized 

Sin that I swim in, it’s okay I will repent 

Target on my back girl don’t let the devil in

Understand that so quickly things can change 

Valiant valorous villains 

Whisper? Hell no, now she won’t shut up

Xenogague of her spirit through her words 

Yes now I see why you tried to stifle her early, shame for a 

Zealot she’ll become too bad she’s no longer checking for anyone

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