Letter to My Creator

How do I start this?



“It is with much dismay,”


“Hi, Creator, thank you for this day.

That last feat was a bit trying,

Didn’t think that I would make it.

Didn’t think that I could take it,

One more lesson.

It – 

Hurt –

More than anything I had ever blamed You for in the past.

But now I feel my true self emerging.

I posted on TikTok a short poem about the sun.

It does call to my spirit,

It is true that I can no longer run

From my true calling.

There are no more hiding places

Or masks that are worth wearing.

The sun.

It’s glaring.

I am ready.





Thank you for all things past present current and future that You send my way 

To help motivate me to step into a better me.

For –

I have no more comfort zones

I am stretching

Reaching towards the sun

Reaching towards You.”

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