Out of this hole 

I chose to climb

Cliche statements 

“This is so sublime!”

For awe inspiring poets

Can’t dwell in the darkness forever.

How I longed to be of the greats

To meet my idols

But I shall meet one in particular

At the gates 

Of Heaven.

Many do not live to see their positive impact

The heavy impression

Left after their inspirational 

Story of overcoming their transgressions.

I hope I do.

I shall.

I will.

Doesn’t have to be much,

And I do not desire recognition.

Those great voices of the past

And even those of the present

Those vibrant 



Slang throwing

Voices full of ambition

Leading one another,

They didn’t require recognition.

Out of that hole,

I took a few steps

My legs gained momentum,

The poet, 

She leapt,

And now she sees the need to keep those

Strides flowing

Lines flowing

Talent growing

Resilience showing.


That’s only determined by the All Knowing. 

But for now, she will keep glowing.

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