September vow of self-expression writing challenge

 A safe place is a safe place is a safe place.

And this is mine. 

I have succeeded in a few pertinent areas.

But now it’s time to normalize.

Normalize that none of us have all of the answers.

That we are human even when we desire not to be.

That life is humbling and with it comes lessons 

That we don’t see coming.


When the smoke clears,

And the wind blows,

And you are able to see the sun as 

The clouds part from the sky,

You gain clarity.

Normalize that breakthroughs happen

But that it just may take repetitive breakdowns in order to reach them.

Not a cliche moment here, just a vow:

I will no longer silence myself 

Or allow myself to be stifled.

I have made a conscious decision to stop contributing to my own suffering.

And for the month of September, I shall lean on my vulnerability and not dressed up words so as to people please, for no journey is full of bliss at all times.

But we all hope for beauty at the end.

Lest we forget that we could end our timely journey full of regret.

It takes a lot to reach a pivotal moment in time and in life. I shall continue on my journey. And I hope to be joined, or at the very least, to be heard. 

Now I begin the first of many writing challenges. A test of self. A declaration of identity. 

I am grateful to all who have listened thus far. There are many great things to come.

Be well. Be happy. Be free. Be YOU.

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