Jusjess Poetry

Spiritual Warfare

That dark skin glistened in the sunlight

Coarse hair abundant in gray

You almost looked like Jesus

But you’re not.

And so here I am in the shower

Scrubbing myself


My thoughts away.

Spiritual warfare is very real

I long to release

I long to heal

Tell your demon

To let me go

I said no

Like many other times that I have said no in my lifetime.

I desire not to be punished

I committed no crime

Against you

Or the hurt young boy

Who dwells inside

Free him too.

Free him too.

As time goes on things like this tend to amplify,

How long can you project?

How long can you lie?

I said I wouldn’t waste anymore of my artistry on you.

But that seems to not have worked

Just yet

For here I am

Here I am.

Still writing pages to my soul

To an illiterate spirit.

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