You don’t deserve my energy

Or to be on my mind

You don’t deserve one more sentence from the poet

Not a word not a line.

Energy vampires crave

The good and bad

Reactive abuse is what

You count on.

So allow me to say this and then I’m good, the poet is done:

I won’t feed your shallow soul.

I won’t grant you the control.

I release the hold,

Now release me, too.

It is not an attack that my peak of peace

Will exist without you.

I am simply releasing to fill my own cup

And not to pour into you.

For the damaged girl from 20 years ago

Is healed now.

Two decades of wonder and curiosity

Questions all answered within a year

Lessons taken in from every tear.

Who knew that all along it was YOU,

YOU were the demon that I feared

That I avoided and ran from for decades

Yet still desired to please.

But I looked IT in YOUR eyes and saw the level of despair and emptiness,

And that alone allowed me to remove myself

That war has nothing to do with me.

It is finished.

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